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The photos were taken on Burbon St. New Orleans at the millennium hour. It came, it went, and the party continued on. First time contri - PDPMEM.
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Home Photo Session - We love to just play around with the camera and see what happens. Set up a couple of lights and a little oil and...whala! Strictly amatures here but we have fun!
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Those pictures where taken in New York, Salisbury Hotel on 57th street and 6av on valentine after a nice evening at the MET opera. Give your comments please, maybe we post some other stories than...
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Thanks for all the comments on my last contri! I got SOOO turned on reading them and tried to fulfill requests for this contri (tried to show more pussy!).
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Naughty Nurse Kia 1/2 Thought i'd try my hand at nursing but my patient seemed a little distracted. Let me know how you wpuld like me to nurse you!!! Love, Kia XXX
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My man loves to use me as his test subject. These pics were taken by him with his new camera. If you like them, I will take some more.
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beach hot blonde Hummm Yeah I sit on occasion I think. Kinda tough to think without your clothing butttttttttttt...... life goes on. I'm young I'm black I am stunning, Aye
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a few of the pics we got while enjoying the outdoors, sorry bout the photo quality need to get a new camera. i think my fiance makes up for it. all comments welcome
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sand hot blondeNot much of a story - Just some pictures of my very pregnant wife in the Shower and before we had sex. Tits leave more to be desired, but believe it or not, they were smaller before the pregnancy !
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The girls played a pussy balls. I all time think: and how it at them turns out? To thrust these balls inside? A riddle.. But - raises. Look continuation of game on our site.
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Me and my hubby were playin with the new camera and these are some pics he took of me! pics of him got put on Naturist project. enjoy, H.A. Theres more if the comments are good.
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I love music and I love flirting and undressing in front of my friends. If you vote five star all the way, I'll get my friend to take a proper photo of me wearing nothing ; )