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Hmmmm......where did i put it, I can't find what I lost.......can anybody help me? Did it disappear into a crack or a hole somewhere?
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Just a couple of Russian shy girls. Met them at Crete, they were suntanning for hours. Almost didn't get their feet wet. Very shy, they didn't even display a boob for 20 days!
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I was at work and received an email from my girl. She had taken these pics while at home on her lunch for me. I needless to say had to run home right then.
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two pics from a party - Didn't realize I was showing quite so much, then a friend sent me these! And a third pic just for fun. Thinking about doing more, on purpose this time...
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I bought the babe some new lingerie and took her off to a motel for the weekend. Foreplay was the fashion show, then a titillating photo shoot, then a slide show on the computer, then thunderous sex.
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SO he thought he wanted a lil putty tang? Well, not until he gets to get teased a little...What's the fun in getting what you crave, if you don't have to work for it first?
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Yep I'm now a 40 year old and a mother of three. Actually it feels good. They say that life begins at 40. I agree and so I thought I'd take my clothes off and strut around a bit.
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Our weekend at the Ritz-Carlton Dallas. What a weekend it was. She loves to pose for me and is such a beauty. Love happy, sexy comments.
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