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Hi Gang Sunny April Good Friday in Pembs West Wales, just catching some sun, I am 57 next week, hope you all like them, comments most welcome.
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this is my canadian girlfreind jo, she is willing to do anything for me. come on ladies let her know what you think. have lots more pics to share
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Here are a few of Cyndi with her legs up. It's been a while since she posted, but if the response is good perhaps there will be a few more contributions. Enjoy.
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do you wanna see my pics? yes? that's a good idea !!! there is a lot of other pics and videos in my site if you want !!! good moment corine
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black and white nudism I am not sure if I should keep doing this or not....Whats your opinion....Thanks for all the positive comments the last 2 months...It's been FUN!!!!
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We enjoyed the positive comments on our last post so my lovely 40 year old wife wanted to see how you guys score her looks. Please look and vote. I think she is gorgeous!!
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OK stocking Fetish Guys & Girls ... I wanted to take some simple pictures for Naturist project only but I couldn’t help myself. I hope you enjoy these pictures.
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black and white nudism This is my Cristina friend, waits that they like the one that they see, would like them to me your opinion, will be good we will order more photos, we are to wait your opinion
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Hello everyone! We made some shots in my new bodystockings and now I'm sharing them with you, hope you'll like. Take care, kisses: AR
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We just got back from having dinner out and were both feeling a little feisty. Hope you enjoy the pictures!! Comments and votes are appreciated :)
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black and white nudismAt first you can't take your eyes off of them. Then you can't take your hands off of them! And then you can't take your lips off of them and then.........well you get the idea!! Hope you enjoy too!!!
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Have enjoyed all the comments and friends from BB so thought I would venture out to Naturist project... These are from a threesome (it may look more like a twosome), I really enjoyed my hubby's friend :)