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I have to laugh at the comments that my posts are a waste of time. After wasting your time viewing them then you waste twice as much time commenting on them. Guess your times not that valuable.
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Hi, Kate , crew and lovely naughty viewers Thanx for all the great comments, after my last (see thru) contri. This new contri called Blue Jeans , I hope you like it Have fun and take care xxx
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Oh, yeah, this one is probably staged, too. Where did we last leave off on the Li'l Tigress thread? Oh, yeah. I sold my restaurant in Puerto Rico and bought this auto parts store. That's right.
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blonde beach fuck Some of my fans may not remember that I started here on Naturists last Spring. A little tamer, mind you, but daring none the less for me (at that time).
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Wifes tits naked finally. Be nice and she might show more. I know it is not Naturists material but she would not let me post in Naturist project
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R.S.P.- Pretty Little Pussy - I thought I would share a few pictures of me showing my very pretty pussy down by the lake.I really hope you all enjoy them.Love you all Jenny