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We were looking thru our files and saw these pics and thought someone might enjoy them, if you do drop us a line on the bb thanks
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On a lazy day when there is nothing to do, pulling out one of my husbands dress shirts and wearing them when he is not around makes me feel sexy.
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To prove it I hid a cam with a motion detector in a vent and waited. For over a year all I got was her walking around or sitting on the couch.
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Hi Nudistsbers here are some more pics of me in the wild flowers area by the river where we went bike riding last week. I had to go pee as you can tell. Enjoy Suzanne
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Here's more pics from my stop at the local "watering hole" I plan on going back- fully naked, hopefully at a time when it's a lot more crowded !
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Hello, we were having fun, grabbed the new camera ... etc Females/couples in the midlands please leave comments, we are always open to suggestions. What would you like to see ??
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