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Well, Vanessa liked the comments, so here are some more pics. I also convinced her to post more explicit pictures, but those we publish later...
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Over 50 - Here are several photos taken over the last couple of years. What do you think. Should I quit.We trade photos with other couples.Send us some photos and we will respond.
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It's been a while since our last contr.Hope you like these new pics.Also thank you for all the nice comments from before if the response is still good I will be happy to do it again.Paradise
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I had a little TO MUCH wine this night. Got a little brave, and decided to try to share. I hope everyone will enjoy me. I would love to send more if you like??
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Hi gang, DeeDee was really excited that she got to wear her new funky wig. She's even letting me show some of her face. She's getting braver. email: ................
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There is nothing better than jumping in my jeep heading up North and finding a two track and do a little "off roading" Thanks for Watching!!
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Has been a few months since we posted. Hubby likes the summertime, and, as you can tell, to take pictures of me. And I always like the warm sun on my body. It feels good!!
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This is really old stuff I found on a film, more than sixteen years old. Maybe, the funny body painting was a kind of Modern Art ;-)
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Et bien voila, j'ais reussi a la convaincre, et il semblerait que ca lui plait!! a vous aussi j'espere, merci d'avance de vos commentaires
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I come home to find my wife in the back yard masterbating while she was sunbathing. I had to take pics for everyone. Hope you like them.
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I love to walk nude on the strand thinking thousands of "voyeurs" will watch me on Naturists. I'm just a little bitch on the sand photographied by the dirty Bloutnman
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chubby naturist picsGidget and I were alone one night and had some time to ourselves. The theme was hot shoes and clothes to boot. No panties required