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I love wearing my guys shirts during the day. Sometimes I can still smell his cologne. By the time he gets home I'm definately ready for some fun!!
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We love reading your positive comments. If you don't like the photos or individuals involved be a decent person and just move on please.
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Hello everyone, When I saw the constest's theme I new I had to take some shots with my old jeans shorts... What do you think of them? Kisses, Sofia
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Hi!!! We are the winners of the last special contest Hot BJ. Kate is very proud of herself. :):) Thanks for the votes. Here is our new contri. Enjoy it.
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Sarah is my neighbors wife and isn't shy as you can see. We had a couple of drinks one day, one thing led to another and she offered to put on a show for us so I asked if I could bring my camera!
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Del is my 18 yo gf and has been dying to post on Naturists. Here are a few pics we just took. If you like them leave comments, more comments produces more pics.
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Please let us know what you think; and as always, our pics are never posed, but taken in the heat of the moment, seems so much more naughty & real that way....don't you agree?
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Here is my hot 42 yo wife. 3 kids and she still looks smoking! She of course doubts how hot she looks some times. I want her to know just how great she looks!!
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Lo que mas me gusto es que cuando iba caminando de regreso una persona me felicito por las tomas que me hicieron, me puse de mil colores.
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I got a new digital camera and thought I would put it to good use. Had fun taking these. If the response is good I'll send more!
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So Good To Come Home To - I came home from work and Sarah was wearing my shirt and tie. It turned me on so I grabbed the camera...
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Continuation of photoshoot that took place during our vacation in Hedo. Tanya loved reading the comments in Part 1, so here are some more pictures..