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Thank you for all the comments....but there is one thing u need to know 'bout me....I'm just a lil ole "Redneck Gurl"...love pickup trucks and playing naked in cornfields.....
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I'm back with a set of pics that have been taken in a public park with a brand new jean dress that can be opened very easily...
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I am fond of retro material and wish there was more of it on Naturist project. These photos are scans of negatives and slides taken a couple decades ago so the technical quality is not up to modern standards.
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Bellas Mujeres de San Diego digan me como les gusta. Me encanta tomar fotos y tu? Solamente mujeres (no men please) cuenten me que quieren ver.
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Angelina - Yellow Tie - Hello everyone, its me again with some new pics, just playing around in a mans shirt and a tie. Kisses, AR
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Hello Everyone! Just a few pics of poses, so for the guys who don't like "the posed shit", I wouldn't scroll down. I love the comments! XOXOXO
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Second submission. She was a virgin when I met her 32 years ago. Always wondered what other people would think of my beautiful wife.
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Foto Estive di Dolly Un grosso bacione a tutti, sono tornata con tante foto, spero siano di vostro gradimento, votatemi in tanti e non vi deluderò nei prossimi invii. Un grosso KIS
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Hi I`m Sacha and I like it when you show this pictures of me my friend take them in a greenhouse with a great new rose "purple cezanne" let me hear if you like it ?? xxx
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The same story as The Office Girl_ NY1, but you must know it is not esay to use self timer while you are on the top of your enjoyment. it was a hard work.