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While going through some old photo's to create my calendar I found some pictures that you may or may not have seen. Either way I hope you like them.
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girls on video walking naked on nude beaches...A few photos Julie and I would like to share with Naturist project.As you may remember from other contributions Julie and I have been married for 30 years or so and she is in the prime of her life at age 53!
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This is for those who appreciate a GILF. This is the tail end (forgive the pun) of a nice long sex session that saw this GILF have many orgasms.
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Pic 1 - Layed Out Pic 2 - Great Tits Pic 3 - Come and get it Pic 4 - She got it Pic 5 - Working it Pic6 - Can'ttake it all Pic 7 - Other assets
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