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A new girlfriend, Trixie, loves the camera. We have posted a couple of e-contri's and received many requests. This will be part one of two parts. Trixie is a Texas lady.
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The older Jan gets, she just turned 51. The more she loves to have her pussy sucked, licked, rubbed, and fingered. Sucking and licking her pussy could not be more enjoyable.
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Here is the Rc version of me in red. Thank you for all your support in my first year at Naturist project. Let me know what you want and would like to do in 07. Love Ariel
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My friend Michelle and I were sitting outside having a drink when my friend decided to take advantage of my openness and wild side. oxoxox
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We had one night with a digital camera and knew what we had to do... It was her first photo shoot but she was so into it and I think they turned out great. Part 1 of 3 (that can be shown here, anyway)
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This is my first set, so I'm hoping for some positive feedback. My wife had to shoot these ones quickly as my dick was doing a fast retreat because it was cold. Hope you enjoy!
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Once again I am very excited to read all your comments. And a special thanks to all my fantastic fans! Thanks for your faithfulness! Y O U R O C K!
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My Mistress Stroumfita Some pics from my Stroumfita.If comments are good the contri will be continue...Agonistiki xeretismi apo Ellada
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Hi all you Naturists people, Just another beauitful day on the Oregon coast line, thought we would get a few sneek picks in................enjoy
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hairy bush on the beachShe loved all of the nice comments from her first contri. Here are a few more pics including some requested nipple shots. Sorry, no face shots (job). Positive comments greatly appreciated.
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hairy bush on the beachlove to have you feel and lick my tattoo...email rts121343@yahoo.com for more titty pics...include your first name and age please
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Here is an outfit that I like to wear out dancing with the girls. Do you think I attract attention with it on? Isn't that the point? Let me know. Soft Touches Cody