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Women and men do you like my shots. If so e-mail feedback . also looking to make love for the first time . I live in the bay area
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well. these are my gf and a friend of her's! i have a lot more of these pics. I think some of these pics should be uploaded to Naturists, but since i do not have Naturists account...well...enjoy!!!
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Here's a variety of pics taken from my (too) many outdoor wank sessions. I realize it gets a bit redundant, but, it is what it is.
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Would we pamper ourselves with a massage and mani/pedi first? Sip champagne? Shop for lingerie? Lots of touching and kissing and .... I want this to happen.
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hot granny nudists this is my first contri, this is one of my girlfrnds. shes so hot, i have more pics of my other girlfrnds. want to trade? leave your comment.
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We are both married but not to each other!! We are in Western Australia and she wants to have fun with a female for the first time!
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These shots have been taken at friends houses, or in the woods on hiking trails where there have been occasional onlookers. If there is a particular pose you would like, just add it to your comments!
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A Day At The Pond - She loves to be in front of the camera. It was a warm day out and I surprised her with trip to a local park and pulled out the camera...
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Here are a few shots of my 37 year old wife. After 2 kids, she still blows my socks off, if you know what I mean. Let her know what you think.
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Zur Erinnerung an diesen Sommer zeigen wir einmal ein paar Outdoor Bilder, die ca. 1 1/2 Monate nach Marie?s Schwangerschaft entstanden. Wir hoffen sie gefallen Euch. Gruss Marie & Hans
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Tried on the party dress I wore for my 20th birthday to see if it still fits for my 50th birthday. And it did. But who needs a dress?
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We just got back from Florida and took alot of pictures while there. These were taken on the way from the airport to the hotel. Hope you like. Will send more later. Please don't post our email.