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Just having some weekend fun. We are interested in trading pictures with other good looking couples. We have lots, soft and hard.
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Well, response to my recent postings (ps25-03-03 and fs 24-03-03) has been so nice that I felt compelled to send more. I hope you like these too, as they are some of my favourites. Bye for now, Saucy xx
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My brother had his heart broken by his ex girlfriend... I want all girls out there to post some commentsifinterested! :) He doesn't know I'm posting these pics! Loads of kisses for everyone! cya ;p
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hey guys, look at me and if you vote me very, very well, next time wil be better.....(hola mis chicos de la web, si quer is más calor ten is que votar por mi y.....)
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We had a weekend away from the kids and bought some nice Lingerie to try out, was a wonderful weekend. Comments and Contacts very welcome.
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Thought we'd continue with the summer theme - here's Sally teasing us in the apple orchard this past summer. Hope you enjoy.
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We were out hiking to a popular swimming hole, and with nobody around we couldn't help but take some picts...ended up having a little audience at the end, though...they got an eye full!!!! Enjoy!!!!
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Hi All you wounderful people, Ashley is really going to get that face paste today yesterday I screwed up and sent the wrong pictures lhope I get it right today lol..Patrick
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I started to put more weight and I just started to hit my ass with treadmills and slight work out and felt the difference. send your comments about me or contact me at
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these pics are just the tip of the iceburg. nice comments=more pics from aussie land. aussie chicks love flashing to you know!!
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male masturbation on the beachPenny - Sun Strip 2 - Thank you to all of you who gave positive comments on the first part of this contri. Your very sweet. Hope you enjoy these as well. Thanks XOXO Penny
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On my Mustang Flashing pics the editor commented on pic 6. " I know we have seen it before, but it wouldn't hurt to see it some more and from up close!"