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Here are a few pictures for the ladies to enjoy! I am SINGLE and looking. I am 30-years old, please e-mail all inquires Enjoy!
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After your motivated coments on Vw.....It's for me a pleasure to post the hard version of Sofi's Pictures.... This BBW is really a dream for men.
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Wow !!! Here are the group of winners at Nudes a Poppin July 2010 on stage. This was at the end of the event. You may recognize several contestants. Used a Canon 7D.
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This was a day I was taking some photos to a friend in my house, my boyfriend was there with me. After some drinks, we started playing and our friend became the photographer, and we became his models!
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This is my wife Peggy,Ithink she's hot!She was a little nervous about sending these in,so nice comments will surely get more!Hope to get some NIP's next time
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I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Kisses,xoxoxo Angelique Lyrics from "I've got a present for Santa" by Billy Mumy and Sarah Taylor
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First hot sunny night, adult beverages flowing, music playing..... then the clothes start coming off........ a good time was had by all :)
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mature beach Willow'S Testicle Festival - We know what your thinking, lots of sacks...well we couldn't get to the Testicle Festival in Montana this year so we had to create our own.
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mature beachSexy Wife In And Out Of Hot Tub 2 pt 2 of wife in and out of hot tub; love the comments people are writing about her; we both love reading them; love sharing her with every one to enjoy;
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This is the second part of this series... I took a trip to the local toy shop and came back with a few new friends! They are really sexy and feel sooooo good :-) Hope you enjoy...
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We just did a 3 day canoe trip in Killarney Park, Ontario. Beautiful park for canoeing and hiking, with some nice private campsites.
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No real story... she dressed up and we had fun. Natural redhead who is dynamite in bed. I threw in a couple of pics from previous sessions to fill out the ten. Please be nice in your comments.