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It’s been a while I haven’t posted, and some of our fellow co-contributors were wondering what I was doing...hmmmm..let’s see...what could a typical day look like ?
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wifey loved comments after last contri. We had many requests for more pics of her boobs and a few for pics of me ! (ty!!) Well, we both hope u like these pics - xx
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A continuation of One hot night! I want to model! Can I make playboy??? Can anyone help me get there? BTW- I'm a mother of 2!! Not to bad eh?
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Taken again in the Canary Islands. Loved this beauties nipples. She hadn't a bad butt either. Enjoy them if they appeal to you my apologies if they don't.
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This is a night that I will not forget, send good comments and I will get more. Please not to much criticism, mother of three and very horny
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This is our first attempt at posting at Naturists. Just a few topless and nude pics of my sexy latina wife. Please comment and more will follow.
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Sunny winter afternoon, light coming through the windows...and around 500 shots taken..yes, 500 ! Those gorgeous romanian girls...i just cannot stop shooting
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Amel likes to play kite ... topless and .... pantyless.... ! Hope you will like it ... She waits your comments.... And let us know if you would like more of her ...
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Please let us know what you think of lovely lingerie in these shots in black and white. She is the most beautiful woman I have seen. Love your feedback.
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I visited my favorite Hungarian capital Budapest. It was a wonderful summer vacation full of adventures and mostly it's a great city to creating hot photos :).
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she will be happy if you give her little feedback, because she is so curious whath you think about her,and this pictures on the sand.
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I have a Naturists account so i wont see the comments till later... we posted awhile ago...some might be reposts....ps guys..she really makes me cum