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Hello, Im a real Cowboy in Texas. I love your site and figgured it was high time I submitted some pic's. Enjoy and let me know if you like. ps DSMEM, Thanks
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Whatever happens in Cancun stays in Cancun!?! It's all fun & games... besides, as the locals say, "Nobody knows you and nobody gives a shit!"
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I got new pics for you in more elegant clothes and getting hard thinking of all your sexy shaved pussys. I'm looking forward to read your new comments.
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We submitted these before but when the Naturist project got highjacked we never got to see the comments. Sexy Wife turned 50 and I think she still looks super. Tell her what you think.
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Part 3... Had a great time taking these -- LOVE the chaps!! Best ebay purchase ever. More coming... Keep the comments coming - we love hearing from everyone!
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nudism bare feet Naked Bird Watching Me and the wife love to go bird watching, but this time she made it interesting for me, and since I had my camera I thought I would share the experience with all of you.
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Ela uma gata quentíssima do interior de São Paulo, Brasil. She is a very hot girl's São Paulo, Brazil interland.
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Hi. My name's Sara and me and my friend took some pictures in the park one time. I also enclosed one of myself about to lick my nipple, and one of another friend. Hope you like! no email, etc. thanks!
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nudism bare feetI love to clean the house wearing only my white apron !!! But I get so ''hot'' doing the dusting that I have to take it off !!!
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Thanks to all for the wonderful comments on my last contri! Here are a few more for you all. I have really enjoyed doing these, and have many plans for more in the future.
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These are pictures of my 20 year old girlfriend. She is a litle shy andhas no idea I sent these. She has awesome perky breasts lets call her "perky".
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Hello These pictures are of a trip down to the playa front stores. My husband really enjoys taking my picture in public. LOL Or ANYWHERE