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To help pass the cold winter months, Meg and I enjoy sitting out in the hot tub on our back deck. For once, I finally got some pictures of her in it!
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I just love lounging around all day in a boyfriend's shirt, daydreaming and fantasizing. Who would have thought being so casual would get me so worked up?
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naturist camp videoAfter far too much wine we got a little bit carried away with our new camera! If people like and comments are good we will do some more. 1st time post and please do not display email address
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naturist camp videoFinally I got Catalina convinced to wear her mini skirt in public with no panties. Flashing (and showing her face) is still for my eyes only, but I'm working on that part :-) She is a little shy :-(
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First Time Wife - First time posting on Naturist project...she's always horny and I think she's AlwaysHot. What do you think? Would love to see her with another couple - any takers?