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Bobbi'S New Bikini - Just got a new bikini thought i'd try it out before heading to the sand and got a little carried away. Love to hear your comments and if you have any requests. Love Bobbi
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one of these days i go with her to a club in belgium to let her blow other men ! maybe i let some men fuck her too ! the club is acanthus in kortrijk. greetings . best site in the world !
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Wife bought this thong for me, so I took some pics for her to admire while on the road. She'll make me put them on again when she gets home. Can't wait!!
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Just some pics I like to take for my favorite girl. She knows that she is the inspiration for each one of these. She drives me crazy!
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hello crew, here some more from our holiday-trip in europe. sorry for the blurred face, it`s because of her job. best wishes to all.
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Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell I hope you like the NEW photos... and if you do just leave your sweets comments (Nudist project) and possibly more will be posted. Well, there is the second part!!! Happiness to all. :)
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Just some random photos of my GF shes 24 and she said if any of these get positive commenst she will let me post some much better ones.
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*Nh Pequena'S Favorite Heels No story really. Youive seen these shoes a couple times before. I just thought that my favorite heels deserved to be the stars of a contri. SmoochiesOO.Pequena
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Sneaky Peek Caught the wife in the shower. I told her I needed to go to the toilet, she didn't know I was sitting there with a Camera until it was to late (taken over two days)
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This is my afternoon part 2. I just couldn't keep my shirt on lol.I'm getting a new webmaster so my site should be getting updated soon. Please stop by and visit. xoxo Victoria
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Jean is married to one of my best friends. I've been fucking her for over 10 years now and have not been caught yet. Finally talked her into posing for some Naturist projects shots. Hope you like them.
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naturist sex plage photosHere is another set of my love erycka as the naughtie girl . I loved taking these pics and hope all of you enjoy them. there is one more set to follow.