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When Annette bought these new black boots I knew just the spot to take some "fun" pics. Wow was I right, it was a beautiful day! I hope you enjoy. Tony
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here are some more pics of my wife Nasty, alot of people comment on the nickname, but her name is Natasha, and Nasty is kinda short for that,....and she likes to get nasty on occasion.
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Our first contri. The local river trail has such greats sights. You never know what you will see while enjoying this outdoor sport. Thank you for voting.
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Hello Kate, These pix are specifically for all the people who took their time to write me nice comments about my body and asked to see more of me. So....these pix are for them! Enjoy.
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Hello All Just a short set of pictures from the past year. I have to reallt thank all those who continue to enjoy my pictures. Have a great next year!!! XOXOXX Rhonda
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A few pics more by the pool of the neighborhood when hubby was testing the B&W option of the camera. As we said, the pics may not be so hot, but we wanted to share them with you.