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This is lera , the wife of my chatbuddy from the Ukraine. He is anxious to know whta you think of his wife. and if you are interested and will give You his emailadress for contact.
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Hi Kate, First time contributor here. I love your site. Here are some pics from my GF. The book was really interesting because she didn't care about me taking photos.
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took me awhile to get my wife to let me post these pics. she finally said i could and if we get good responses might post more pictures in future.
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Hey everyone! It's been well over a year since I last posted. My husband is always away and I'm more horny than ever. Thought I'd share a couple of pics. Hope you enjoy!
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Hi Kate, Asher and crew, Can't remember how I found you, but mighty glad I did - Superb site !! Onto the pics - Heather was hot, so she decided to cool off in a stream ........
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swingers on the beach Hello from Germany, a few years ago we had a lot of fun on a trip with our bowling club. These are the best pics of the party Hope you like it. Please do'nt show my e mail adress. Greeting
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another set of me! would love to trade with couples that share the same interest and excitement like us. Love to hear nice and horny comments from viewer.
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This is my first time to post as I have never been confident of my body. However, I love looking at others and figured I would at least give it a try. So here goes.....
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I got all dressed up in my heels and mini skirt and found a comfy leather chair where I was waiting for Kate when my clothes just started coming off...
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Wife and kids is out of the house. Too bad my camera broke last week so I had to use my cellphone. So... I'm sorry for the quality.
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swingers on the beachHi every one I love this site and have for years sweetness and i were bored so here is what we did if you like let us know and there will be more
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In a hot summer afternoon I realised my car was as dirty as I was and needed to get as wet as I... Thats what I did... Dressed something light and here we go!