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Hi everyone!! Here are a few photos from my genie set. We had intended to have these ready by Halloween... but that didnt happen. lol Hope "yall" enjoy them anyway! :) xxoo
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I've been taking pictures of Miss Candy for 14 years. Right from the start I coached her to look into the camera. I want the pics to say " You're next Big Boy !"
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Hello Everyone, I am a regular poster at the Private Shots section of this site. This is my first contribution to Naturist projects. Here are the shots they would not let me show at Private voyeur.
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Once again Bacardi poses in public on the sunshine island of Tenerife and once again she isn't bothered by the onlooking "natives"
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Just wanted to post a nice sticky facial for those who requested it....we are kinda angry that everyone keeps sayin she is so young...she is 19 and he is 21 so we are Legal!!!
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Wife just had surgery and she feels a little down. She could use a little up lift from your comments, she likes to read them all. Hope you like these pic.
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Somethings in life are so sweet, you think how could this get any better. But we all know everything is a little bit better when you cover it in chocolate.
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Stephanie Shows It All - I love to show it all off. I love being an amateur porn star and having strangers check me out. Please vote for me!!!
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We did this kinda bassackwards...posted to HC first with lots of satisfied viewers...hope everyone at Naturist project likes our shots too... This is our first contri so good and bad comments are welcome!
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First full contri ever on the net. She's bi-curious and wants to hear comments from both guys and girls....Positive comments mean lots more contri's. We're having fun at this!!
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During the last Playoff game Cottoncandyx and I decided to show our support. The naughty way! Our photographer had such a hard choice. Watch the game, or us girls going at in.
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We were having a quiet night at home and I told Jim to grab the cam. He was hard instantly and this is the result. This was not a planned shoot so we hope you like it. Kisses, Bliss