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Having done anal a few times. I decided to try a plug and now I'm sure they'll be a lot more plugs stuck up my tight little ass. Feels so good to get really fucked hard.
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These are some more pics from the dress-up night with B. These were a bit risque to put on Naturist project, so we thought we would share them here. Let us know what you think! (p.s....more outfits to come!)
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Friend Of Mine - After my girl Keke's contribution to Naturist project one of her friends decided that it would be cool to have her pics displayed here as well. Now you guys know I didn't mind this shoot...
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With and Without Lingerie hope they are enjoyed as much as we enjoyed taking them i think she got into it so expect more fotos dont post email pleas
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Jeans, But No Blue Jeans - My wife alexa loves mini skirt jeans, and loves comments. She is a hot Latin lover. Hope you enjoy it.
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I took these photos at the annual Love Parade in Berlin on 12th July 2003. It's a great excuse for women to wear next to nothing.
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i hope them "soft" enought now for your private shots cause i ll like show my contry to most people i can do .. ; - ) so i try it again .... at least ... enjoy . ; - ) tnks
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Hi these are just a few shots of my wang that I took in the shower. Just wondered what people thought!! hope you like! Comments are welcome!
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all of us born nude. then who said all sexy clothes are only for women? im not bisexual and father of three. but only i like to dress up these stuffs.
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Ma petite charlotte devant notre noouvel OLYMPUS.... Merci de laisser vos commentaires nous ne manquerons pas de vous rEpondre. A+
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september is a depressing time , as in the song "summer's almost gone" .... so i decided to get aubade naked on the camera to change my mind...
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I took some shots of her in the bath and while she was getting ready. I had to get her from behind while she was getting her makeup on.