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Hi all, have been an avid Naturist project member for a while now and I thought it was time I contributed. Title this 'a little bit of everything' and can you let me know when you going to post it.
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Not very much a story, just having fun with sightseeing on the sand. Different days and places. Most of the women never knew I took there picture, some did.
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sexy doudou first time she likes to be horny and show hersef and she's very excited to see pictures of men (or women )masturbatin' and cumin' on her pictures
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I thought it would be fun to see what reaction this generates. My boyfriend doesnt know these pics are here. I might surprise him and show him if the comments are good enough.
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young sexy nudist Yesterday, with my man, we decided to conquer a local mountains peak (540m) choosing off the trail option. That's what we spot on a top ;P
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young sexy nudist I am an Semi Profesional photographer and for todays shoot we have my lovely wife modelled against one of Australias finest automobiles.
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Here I am having some fun in and out of the house in a leather outfit gift from a fun viewer. You know who you are thanks! Hope everyone else is having lots of orgasmic fun too! xoxox PJ
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young sexy nudist Hi, there I love all! You are always very nice in your comments Here does a beautiful relaxing bath, and I have not resisted the idea of any photo for you. Kisses Claire
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One certainty: when I look at my wife lying on the bed, showing her perfect round ass and her shapely thighs, I always know that no woman could ever make me happy as she does (Adam)
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Daise: States Of Undress - Daise put on this fantastic dress for me last weekend. Just thought I would share. Gotta luv the heels!
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Well its been a while and I have not had much time to play around with the camera. But, here and there I did manage to snap off a few pics.
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Well, I've lost my hubby to the NFL again :( So I'm back here looking for friends. Chatting online with a girlfriend of ours,hoping to get her to let me post her here :) She's watching closely .