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My Petite Wife This is my wife's first contri. The pics were taken during our holiday in Atlantic City. Sorry about cropping the face, but that was the only way she would agree to post. Hope you enjoy
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well after watching Naturists photos and playin with my rod many times i decided to help other guys out... so i took the pic of my lovly wife for the help of other guys
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This lovely lady's name is Somalay and this is her first attempt at nude photos... I shot a whole bunch of photos so this will be the first of many sets.
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Hello, here are some more pics from the same source as the ones I sent some weeks ago. Write back if you want the story again. Best regards, Erik
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Was intending to clean my bedroom... but got distracted by the camera monkey! Cameras make me want to get naked, rather than doing my chores. Hope you don't mind. :)
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I'm Alicia and 20 yo. We were watching TV with my boyfriend, when he got the idea to try his new digital camera. I said why not. So we did it, just there, in the living room. I think I'll do this again.
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Jojo In Va Part 2 - Hello Naturist project: Thanks for all the nice comments on my last posting! Here are some pics my friend took a 2 weeks ago.... Hugs and Kisses JoJo
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young teen nudist pics Dr OHM is back with the second part of her lesson on Getting you car ready for Winter. Now pay attention class, the lesson is about to begin!! Hope it's informative and eye-opening,lol!!
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hello to all this is our first contri.my wife of 7 years shes had 3 kids but wow i still love them bagos please dont pub.my e-mail and title these lindsy
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We have put some shots on Naturist projects, how about a few on themain site? Bertie is 57 and so sex Dying to see those comments please
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First time on Naturist project !!!! Here are a few pics after a night out on the town!!!! if you like them I have hundreds more to contribute. No face this time, but I will if I get enough response!!!!
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Celebriting my birthday with boyfriends and coworkers,specially coworkers my birthday present.Loved the comments.Turns me on reading them.