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Hello everyone! Here is my new contri after a little break. It has been a lot of fun taking these pics. Later we will sent you freestyle and Naturists pics! Hope you enjoy!
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Once again I am here, the last time there were few but good comments, I hope that this time there are more ... enjoy the pictures ......
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Now is hottest time of summer and I love spending time in garden during hottest hours. One hot July day I feel that it is necessary to remove clothes and have fun in sun....
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After a great party day...me and my wife went to a local cheap hotel to some fun. She was dressed to impress. Hope you all enjoy it
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If you leave your email we might just send some bonus/preview pics of the next set if you simply cannot wait to see what happens next. Couples very welcome...
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We havent had a chance to take any new ones, but here are some from our old cam. We took these about 1 yr. ago. hope they are ok.
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Simply stated she is playful, a lot of fun, and pretty damn hot for 62! And she's really starting to get into posing. Positive comments will encourage her further.
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Just love her new boots! The outfit was for a pool game, almost half her ass was hanging out when shooting pool. You'd think they guys there had never seen a woman before.
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No real story here, just a regular get together with a real fun lady. She decided to pop my cherry and take some pictures of me for my first time! I'd appreciate any feedback!
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amateur playa slutsThis is my college student fiancee. She is 21 years old and these are some of the pictures that she sent to me while I was in Iraq. The more positive comments she gets the more pictures we can get!
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Jayne was sunbathing on a nice warm sunny day here in the UK, I just had to get some snaps of those pert suckable nipples. The camera and bare flesh has a remarkable effect on her!
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Thanks for the mostly good comments from my 1st contri.You guys can't wait to see my tits,which makes this 50+ gal really horny but I'm gonna tease you a bit more first.