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We spent a fantastic day at the playa, but taking some photos was the right choice to make it perfect. Some pics of me hot and naked... what else? :-P
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This is another part of our latest shoot. We tried to honor a few requests with this one, hope everyone has a good time with it.
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Hier kommt Teil 2. Diesesmal wie gewunscht zeigt sie etwas mehr Haut. Wenn sich jemand im Suddeutschen Raum als Modell versuchen will, dann bitte melden!
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Virgin Wife 2 - Here are some pictures of my unexperienced wife enjoying the only other cocks she's ever had. What do you think?
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Here are some tame pics of my ex-GF. I wish I had something a bit more "interesting", but she took those when she moved out. Just a note to you guys, remember to hide the negatives :)
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Real Turkish Delight - Here's my original and real Turkish delight. She want to hear your comments, have your mails and your VOETS. And then you'll see more.
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this is lynns second contribution...good response to the first we thank you with another one....good comments and votes get more of lynn
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A sunny day also with snow in Vienna is not so often ... so it was a real big pleasure, fun and kick to took the newest pics on some of the busiest places by only 5A°F.
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These are some softcore images of my wife from the shoot that was taken some times ago at our home. She was so hot that day that I was able to make not only softcore pics... But this is another story :)
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asian nudistWe were out for a picnic in Cheynne Canyon when we felt this guy wanted to join us. We didn't mind having a new friend, so why not?
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Her response to the first submission's comments: "Oh my god." -long blush- Thanks for the support :) With a little trepidation, she would like to offer another side. Still more to come as well.
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asian nudistand surfing, I am working too with the KY and the dildos, may be too much KY in her asshole , not reallu "photogenic" but usefull for the next step ....soon.