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My wife's new glasses make her look like a school teacher. SO we though why not try the nude school teacher look. Tell us what you think, hope you like them and we love POSITIVE feedback.
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first time out for this beauty. what does everyone think; should she do more? how about some for Naturists too? she thinks she is too fat...if so, don't we wish all ladies were fat like this...lol
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Just a few more postion's from the afternooner that did not get into the Four Postiion Deelite submission. As you can see Dee loves to take it deep.
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Having returned from the tropical islands of our previous two contris we decided this time to go on vacation to Florida. Enjoy some hotel room photos of my wife, 29 years old and pregnant for 3 months!
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Hallo! Anbei ein paar Fotos einer Freundin. Ich habe auch noch ein paar intimere Fotos, die ich bei Naturists veroffentlichen werde. Gruße
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These were taken at my friend's apartment. As my friend watched me strip, my lover took the photos. They both liked the sexy shorts I wore. Hope everyone has a good weekend! Love,
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Here's some old (1970 vintage) B&W of my 18 year old GF - what an ass she had! This is my 1st posting. I'm sending some explicit ones to Naturists.
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This is another set of my photos for you, now I'm dressed in blue, I would like to receive written comments on the page for me and I ask you give away your vote.
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I hope that you can use these pictures as it makes me very hot thinking of all those redcloud fans looking at ( and hopefully wanking over) me! I would love to recieve comments and requests!
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Just having fun with the digital camera; she's new to all this and just started to have some fun with our webcam and love to exhibit herself on the web. Hope U like her.
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Here are some more shots of me sucking cock. By the time this contri is up my video of me getting fucked by Mark with be on the site. Don't miss it. It was a real turn on making it. Kisses, Susan.
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Hi everyone! Don't you just love old cabins with their quaint wooden doors and paneling? This was like a hunting cabin so I wore my "camo" mini-skirt and jacket. Of course, it came right off!