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Mature Wife Sunning - During the warmer months, we live a clothes-free existence. Perhaps some at least will enjoy seeing an older naked woman.
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My sexy wife Victoria, first time contributor. She loves to show off her wonderful body. With a full drawer of sexy bras and panties, she wanted to share this one with you.
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this was one of those hot nights when you can't sleep,we had a beer outside then two or more and Eloha could not resist touching herself...
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World Cup Fun - Erikah decided to console me for an early exit from the world cup by my favorite team. I think I will be a fan for life. Enjoy and root for her team and I promise to post more.
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No story - just some alone time in hotel. Hope comments are good. Sorry but can't show face. Don't waste your time if you are going to comment about no face. thanks!
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After seeing Zelda's Aug 31 contri on Naturist project, I wanted to show her my appreciation, showing me stroking it to her fantastic pictures.
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Well; Have told the story on the BBS, Here's the pics of when I had to swim nude, at 12 noon in our Apartment pool after informing all the tenants of what I had to do.
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We had had a good night out and plenty to drink, my wife always goes into a very deep sleep. I even remover her panties withou her waking
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I know this has been done before but I wanted to put a different take on it. Working at a professional Company in the City I have to blur my face - sorry.
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We were friends and we wanted to have some fun...so...we decided to go to bed and there are some of the pictures...more at my next contribution
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sand party student video sexHi all, After a long time viewing the great posts by everyone on Naturist project we have finally decided to join the fun. Hope you enjoy, post positive comments and of course vote.
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Took these shots after visiting with Lin one afternoon. I let her jump in the shower before I joined her and grabbed my cam to take these from above the shower. I kind of like these for some reason.