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Hi everyone, its my first time posting on the net, these were taken at the plage recently and I hope you like them. I look forward to reading your comments.
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On Vacation Here are some photos of my wife on vacation. Naturist project doesn't have enough unshaved natural redheads so I thought I would contribute at least one set of pix
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I have had these for a couple of months but didn't send them in. Their probably not for everybody, but I know that some of you will get off on these pictures. Enjoy.
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Rose is a friend who is the most magnificent red head I have ever had the privilege to photograph. I just wish she would let me explore more. She won't !!
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beachball end pantyhose video My Ex-Girlfriend Having Fun Tracie is trying on the new outfit i bought her for a photo session. Hope this will please everyone
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These were taken one day on the weay home from work. Un prepared as we were Mary was not her normal happy self when she got caught out naked at the side of the road. Just had to share them with you all.
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I Just Love Football Season! Nothing better then Sexy Hot men running around in Tight pants, gets me so HOT i just had to take it all off!!! TOUCHDOWN!!!! YEA!! Wink! :-)
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Kate--There's nothing quite like a round of golf with the boys......and some great funbagos to watch. Hope that you concur. Here's our friend Sarah. Enjoy!
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This Sammy, my wife's first time. I'd like to encourage her to try some more photos. These were taken this past Feburary at our condo in VT.
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she thinks she is fat and old and no one will enjoy looking at her pictures well i think different please comment and vote and i think she will post more thanks
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hi to everyone at v.w hope you are all well, thanks for all your comments for my last entry. glad you enjoyed it hope you all enjoy this one as much keep the comments coming love uk babe
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My wife knows how to be fucked by a man. She dies for my cock, she tell me to fuck her everyday. She has great bagos to cum over, doesn't she? PDPMEM