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Ricky and I like to ride our bikes around. It gives me a lot of opportunity to flash my pussy and tits. But, I always wear a helmet.
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Hi Mary says big xx for last comments we dont swing or share but love to exchange all sorts by e mail with like minded COUPLES please
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One day at my house Barby and I were fooling around and her boyfriend started to take pictures so we went with it. It ended up turning into the night the three of us will never forget.
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I cant believe all the nice comments, I have sent emails out, but most of you have not written back. I love your ideas, and just the thought of guys looking at me (or anything else) makes me shake.
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This is the backyard to the home I stay in with a few other girls here in the USA. Thank you all for making me feel so beautiful with your comments!
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A Trip To The Countryside With Katja - Hi, I am Maxime and recently my girlfriend and I took a trip to the countryside. Check out the nice pics we made and rate my girlfriend Katja.
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When I'm in holiday in Sosua she is my willing slut. When I'm at home in Germany, she is the willing slut for others. Maybe for you? Leave a comment and don't forget to vote please.
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Hello everyone, just soldier's wife posing for in pictures to send to me. Please be gentle with the negative comments and she might allow me to post again. I think she's wonderfully gorgeous.
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We were impressed by some really super comments and wishes... Of course, those who don't like what they see are welcome to say that too, but in general, is it not better just to skip it?
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I just turned 48 and my husband and I are hoping I can still inspire some "older woman" fantasies and maybe some erections out there. I love to show off my body to you guys.
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Hi Please Title these UK WIFE first she thought they where covered by the pool then getting ready to go outon the town then the best part too drunk to care if she ever found out I'm history.
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I am 44 years old...so be kind...and love being nude out in the sun. I only wish I had posed more in my 20's and 30's but oh well, I've made-up for it in the past few years!