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When I rolled over onto my tummy, he kept on washing my hair, and got my whole back and ass all soapy. He slapped my ass -- I LOVE the sound of a flat hand hitting my wet ass!
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Vixen came home and decided to get some afternoon sun. I went out and took a few pictures. If you leave a comment with your e-mail address we will get back with you.
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Laney'S Back! - Hi everyone, It's been awhile, but I'm back now! I've missed Naturist project and have a bunch of new pics for you. xoxo Laney
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Ohio 1st Timer - This is my lovely wife of 21 yrs, she is 39 yrs old and don't think she's sexy anymore, please share your opinions.
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After sucking Allens cock I decided to sit on it for a while! Thanks for all the nice comments on our last contri.Good comments = more pictures!
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If comments continue to be great....she promises full disclosure. Kate the last picture (Kaylan on her back legs in the air) was taken with you in mind. Kinda of a W.F.I./E.M.N. mix!!!!
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Just me, my little camera and a mirror. Have you ever tried to do shots like this??? They are hard! I took over 300 pictures and only a few are worth publishing.
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nude beach russians Just A Couple Of Fuck Buddies - Here is my friend Tina. We both decided that we would be fuck buddies and no strings attached. It works great. Enjoy
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santi 38, my ex girlfriend back 14years ago in sydney when we were still students at university. she was, and is still hot and wild in SEX
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I saw this beauty when I visited Cap d'Agde in the south of France. As most of you know, it is the "Naked City", the paradise for voyeurs and exhibitionists. have fun! Superzoom
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Haley took these herself, one afternoon. She likes to surprise me with a solo session every once in a while. How great is that?
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Here are some pics I have that I hope everyone will enjoy! If the ratings are high enough, I'll post some of my REALLY wild pics, both here and in Nudists!