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Hello! My first post. I was dared all year long. Are you still looking for my pics? Surprise! You were right, what fun! Next time we do it together!
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I have not contributed to Naturist project in years. I have been hanging around Sam's Place for the past few months and I must say, since Naturist project/Nudist project has changed leadership, things are better than ever!
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Im back,this is my second time on Vouyeur web so Im still quite new to this but when the sun shines as we all know you just gotta get outside and feel the heat, this was a HOT day! you know what i mean
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Hiya here are a few pics we took over the weekend at the hotel, i hope you enjoy them. If i get good comments i will post more.
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My 40 years old wife Nadia and me , we noticed that you love the shower movies. That's why we made this one for you , dear friends of Naturists. We hope you will enjoy
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nudism amateurs elle aime A§a ainsi que les commentaires d'hommes, couples et vous aussi mesdames... laissez votre adresse mail pour A©changes et contacts
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These are my first photos on Naturist project. I'm a 20 years old student, my bf and my friends say i have a sexy curvy body...and a perfect round ass! Don't you think so??
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We were over a buddies house one night before going out. He called me into the Kitchen to ask if he was allowed to Hit That Ass.
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Was having fun with a friend and thinking what sort of sordid little clips you'd like to see .. My BF came up with the idea of slutty nurses taking the sperm test .. so we made this little clip.
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we took these pics just before a hot night. i remember she was very excited to pose alone in front of me... The rest of the set may come, but the pics won't be accepted here !!
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Not the thinnest but she has an amazing pussy. Seems to get tighter the older she gets. All of these are from the last year or so.
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nudism amateursHere are some Pic's from the Erotic Fair Venus 2001 in Berlin. Next Fair is in October - I'll be there! Don't publish my E-Mail Adress.