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Greetings Naturist projecters from the Sonoran Desert! I wanted to soak in just a few minutes in the sun and give a big thank you out to all the nice comments from my last couple of postings!
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It's fun getting all sudsy and slippery in the shower, and then afterwards dressing into my favorite undies. Tell me what you think! Lauren
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BUT HAVE LOT OF HORSE POWER Hi gang love your site, Im looking for frends in West Texas and Oklahoma /not in to guys sorry, maybe trade pics with some woman. I think that would be cool .
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We get to a certain point that the camera gets put aside and forgotten about. The passion takes over, and we miss the good parts at the end. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to practice.
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nudist pics all ages Great Head Shots - This is our second contri, we love the site and plan to send more in asap. These pics were taken just messing around in our bedroom.
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nudist pics all ages It was a wonderfull evening. Wir (sie bi) suchen nach Paaren oder einzelnen Frauen, fur gelegentliche Treffs, Kontakt bitte bei den Kommentaren.
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Mmmmm part 3, taken after I had some pics taken for a Naturist project conri. Thanks for all the great comments on my last two contris here, they are very encouraging! One more part to 'finish' it off ;) JaneB
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nudist pics all ages I would like to introduce the world to my beautiful wife. She was a little shy about doing this so please leave her nice comments. If you can't say anything nice, please don't say anything.
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Because you asked for it this is my videos showering gold for you, hope you like it and also tell me everything you think for me. Thank you very much for your support, your words and votes.
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We have a huge canoe that is really heavy and quite stable. So I felt safe enough to stand up and strike these poses. I almost fell in the water a few times though... it would have been quite funny.
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First Time - I eventually persuaded the wife to pose for me (as long as I didn't show her face, sorry but it's the best I could do!)
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Jenny doesn't usually go in the sun often...but this year she spent a few days at the sand and got a great tan. The sun really likes her. Hope you do too.