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This is my first trip into the Naturists section. Just had to take the opportunity to submit a contribution in the Hands Tied competition.
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Camry loves wearing nylons. She even sleeps with them on. After sheding her robe, she shows us how her beautiful body goes very well with the sexy black nylons.
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To the couple who wanted to hook up with the girl in the white shorts... I don't know who she is or where she lives, she was just there showing off, so I took her pic. Sorry.
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Letting all of you see my naked boobs is such a thrill for me! I luv hearing what you want too do with them, that gets me so wet! ;) xoxo
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Jane this is our first try at b&w which we think is more erotic. jane is my 53 year old wife who i think is very sexy, but is not ready to show her face. hope your voyeurs enjoy
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Marg This is my beautiful wife, Marg, her first time showing herself to others. Hopefully these photos will be appreciated by all who gaze upon her. More follow up photos are waiting. Here's hoping
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Secretary Gets A Surprise Ii - The First Contra was submmitted tuesday dec 12th and it seems you wanted more shots so here is part II of my secretary's Christmas Surprise !!! Enjoy !
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These set of photos reveal a little more, one in a garter belt, one in lace panties and one where the panties are being teased off tantalisingly
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A neighbor I met at the grocery store on a weekend. She knew who I was and needed to get a model portfolio started. Here's the results!
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30 Year Old Asian Oral had a new thong she just had to show me. I didn't think it would turn me on that much but it did (as you can see). The thong did not stay with us very long.
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After a sightseeing and shopping tour I'm gone up the hill to the Salzburg Castle. I've had great sunny day there. Hubby asked my to do some flashing pics for Naturist project, so I did. I hope you enjoy. Kisses,
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Sorry we have not posted for a while. Computer had massive failure, we bought another but a lot of work saving photos, and setting up.