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We stayed in a suite on the top floor of the Flamingo- Laughlin Hotel. I thought we'd make good use of the big window and nice view Lisa
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Franzi On A Chair In Red 1 Uncensored - We had a nice evening in our bar. Then Franzi wanted to make a view Pics in her favorite lingerie. Enjoy these first pics and vote for her and for more pics!!!
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An old video, just dancing in front of the mirror and looking how funny when can see my both sides in the same time....and of course I love Rock & Roll!!!
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Hola!!! Estas fotos me las saque ayer por la tarde con mi cam digital. Espero que les guste. Me gustaria conocer sus opiniones. Enviare mas. Bye!!!
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Hello. This pictures were taked by a friend...I hope you like them... I'll be back! You can say what you think about this pictures to my email : Sweet kisses from a Sweet Lioness
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Wife is very happy with posted messages in last contri. She decided to send more pics. Thanks...but if you?re not like mature pics, please don?t post your comments here, please.
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Have posted on the live chat, but never submitted a post. A few random pics I have taken over the years. Happy to hear comments
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Hello kind people, normally you can see my contris on private shots but sometimes, I'am to find in free style for example 18 october, enjoy it and give me a lot of nice comments,xxx,
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We went for a walk. And flashing my goodies made it so much fun. There were a lot of people around, but they didn't stop me showing it all. Please let me know if you like it or not. xxx
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For those of you who used to visit the Naturist project chat room - you of course know it was very rare to find me "in the red"...This one's for y'all!
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undressed free nudismI had an Ex female lover that liked me Dressed, I still love to dress. Are there any other women or couples that want to play?
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undressed free nudismThis is our first contri. We are in SoCal and she is looking for a bifem to show her the ropes as she is bicurious. She just got a boobjob and we will submit the new look soon. Enjoy!