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With the absolutely awesome response Ann got we couldn't wait to get our new camera and we broke it in nice and slow with these being our first of many pics the first night.
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As stated in Jens 1st time, we are geographically separated due to overseas commitments, so we send pictures like these to each other to tease each other.
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--Remark by Supervisor: The contris of this lady were first rejected due to questionable young age. After we received proof of age we are now able to publish the pics---
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Sandy got real horny on vacation and wanted to pose for some new pics for you. She loves reading your comments so please tell her what these pics did for you...and what you did to them...?
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naturism free gallery Thanks for all the past nice comments. Even those that weren't so nice. Here's a few from a fun night a friend stop by and took some pictures for us.
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Let me show you what I have to offer, open my slim body to you and reveal its secrets… You decide if it is worth a second look!
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He was away on business for a week but said he'd call when he got the chance. He asked if I could put on something special when he did.
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I love meeting people who have seen me on Voyeur web so let me know in person how much you enjoyed my photos if you happen to see me in real life.
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Mrs L loves to be naked outside, and has fantasies of being the center of attention for a group of men armed with cameras, where she is instructed to pose, and expose in any way they desire.
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Booty - Here are a couple of pix of my wife. I tell her she has a nice ass, but she don't believe me. Let her know what you think. She is 39 and a mother of 3.
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I've been known to sell my worn panties and one of my Naturist project friends wanted a pair with something a little special...so Vlad and I made an accommodation....
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naturism free gallerySecond part of remember noe (agst 28) more of my butt if U want some more let me know any request. See U in red clouds....muaaaa